Easily Plan, Manage and Track Your Extension Costs

Dream. Plan. Build. Stressless.

BuildBuddy’s budgeting tools empower you to turn your extension vision into reality, with accurate cost estimates and real-time expense tracking. Goodbye guesswork, hello financial control.

Key Features

Estimate Costs

Ditch spreadsheet stress. Get a free, instant custom estimate for your dream extension and stop worrying about hidden costs.

View Cost Breakdown

Know where your money goes. Dive deep into every expense, so you can make informed decisions and avoid budget overruns.

Customise Your Budget

Make your budget work for you. Play with finishes, and fine-tune your spending to perfectly match your vision and resources.

Track Your Spend

Stay in control every step of the way. Watch your actual costs compared to your planned, adjust on the fly, and avoid unexpected surprises.

Estimate Costs

Enter your project details and BuildBuddy will generate a personalised cost estimate for you.

View Costs Breakdown

Get a detailed breakdown of your cost estimate. From materials to permits and contingencies, it’s all laid out, giving you complete transparency.

Customise Your Budget

Bend your budget to your will. Tweak finishes, compare quotes, craft your dream budget.

Track Your Spend

Stay calm, stay in control. Track spending in real-time, adjust on the fly, and steer clear of cost overruns.

Developed with You in Mind:
A Customer-Centric Approach

Developed with You in Mind: A Customer-Centric Approach

Your feedback fuels our innovation.
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The BuildBuddy onboarding experience was seamless and straightforward. It felt as though I was being personally guided through each step. The default specs saved me hours of time!